The Perl IRC Daemon

  • 06/05/02 - pircd Beta One is out! Not quite as exciting as Beta Zero, but if it were, then it would be called Gamma Zero, instead of Beta One. This release fixes some rather annoying bugs regarding channel keys and channel limits. If you make significant use of channel keys, UPDATE!
  • 12/14/00 - pircd Beta Zero is out! It now has SSL support, a feature present in few other IRC servers!
  • 10/13/00 - There is some munchkin out there who keeps submitting pircd to IRC related web pages' link lists. This I don't mind. But they're using MY email address, increasing the amount of spam that I am going to get. This is lame in the extreme. Stop it. Now.
  • 08/18/00 - Hmm. Sort of dead, eh? Work has been continuing, albeit slowly. Hopefully it will culminate in a new release soon, with more features and increased stability. Until then, though, lots of people keep wanting to know how to set the oper password. This small Perl program can be used to generated encrypted passwords.
  • 01/24/00 - I know you're reading this web page. Go take the survey!
  • 01/21/00 - Aww yeah. Alpha Thirteen is out. Check out the change log to see what is new. Or just download it.
  • 01/04/00 - The world didn't end. How disappointing. pircd has now been moved to SourceForge. Check out all the neat things you can do over in the side bar.

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